New video:

The Twilight Chamber (2017). 
It is the twilight hour in Jyderup and in Gallery Rum / Klang's dim space, the mood is densified by synchronized smoke machines and pillars of light which in a complex process both outlines, delimits and dramatizes the room for the viewer.  The work brings about an intense sensory experience as the entire gallery serves as a frame for the work, and the gallery's window part serves as a loud speaker for the sound of the work, which emphasizes the almost surreal, rock-like installation. Every evening between 17-19, when darkness falls upon Denmark, The Twilight Chamber lights up in Jyderup.

The work is based on the artist's journey to Scotland in the summer of 2017, more specifically the pristine and impassable Northwest Highlands. Here nature is not always perceived as a harmonious unity, but more like a defiant state. The sound is created exclusively with field recordings from this trip.

"The Twilight Chamber" was kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond and Danish Composers' Society's Production Pool / Koda's Cultural Funds.

Recently released:

The Space Between The Silence, catalogue with 7" vinyl.

Download the catalogue as .pdf here.



Due later:
JAPAN 2018 
13/5: Ftarri, Tokyo.
19/5: Soup, Tokyo. 
22/5: Sokrates, Kyoto.
24/5: Zero Gauge, Osaka. 
26/5: Helluva Lounge, Kobe. 

TBA - Great news pending.